My practice is in reach of

Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Gloucester,

Stroud and Swindon

Kelvin Hall



Equine-Assisted Process


Counselling & Psychotherapy


I have been in practice for nearly 30 years and have worked with a very wide range of people and a great variety of issues. For most clients, life has become too painful or confusing for them to continue as they had been. We work together to uncover new understanding, new ways of being and relating, and new possibilities.


My approach assumes that the quality of our meeting is more crucial than any technique or theory, and that different issues have meanings particular to the individual. Open dialogue is the key.


My role is to detect aspects of which my client is unconscious, and to offer these for his or her consideration in a setting which is safe enough for that to happen. I may attend to body language, metaphor, accidental events, to images, intimations and emotions that arise spontaneously. And I often treat aspects of the transactions between us as an indicator of processes which occur in the world “out there”.


Among the difficulties which people have brought to this process have been: anxiety, conflict, depression, meaninglessness, relationships, family, sexuality, illness, bereavement, abuse, career questions, lack of confidence – and more. Among the influences on my work have been: person-centred, transpersonal, bodymind, psychodynamic, inter-subjective, mytho-poetic and eco-psychological approaches. But I hold all these to be subordinate to the unique truth inherent in any encounter.


Initial Meeting

Potential clients who contact me are invited to an initial meeting which commits neither party. In that meeting we take a preliminary look at what the client is needing, and I explain the working agreement I make with all clients (covering fees, non-attendance at sessions, and so on). I offer the client a space to voice any questions or uncertainties about us working together. We can then meet a second time, or have a try-out period, before fully committing to work together, usually for an open-ended period.



I have worked with clients for a few weeks, for a considerable number of years, and for every variation in between. It depends entirely on individual needs and circumstances.



My standard fee at present is £50 per hour session. I also maintain a reduced price place and anyone interested in this should enquire whether this is vacant at present.  


You can contact me here