My practice is in reach of

Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Cirencester, Gloucester,

Stroud and Swindon

Kelvin Hall



Equine-Assisted Process




For over 20 years I told every kind of tale in every type of venue. For much of that time I appeared in two or more schools a week.


In the 90s I was a winner of the Grand Lying Competition at the Crick Crack Club, and was featured at the Emerson College International Storytelling Symposium and Bleddfa Storyweek.


In 1999 I inaugurated (with Grace Hallworth) the annual workshops run by the Festival at the Edge and my book, Beyond the Forest: the Story of Parsifal and the Grail was published by Hawthorn Press in 2000.


I also developed a programme of therapeutic storytelling for young people with special needs at the Ruskin Mill Centre in Gloucestershire, where I was storyteller-in-residence.


I toured a number of ambitious performances, including Orpheus and The Legend of the Tree of Life. In 2001 my visits were consistently top-rated in a schools survey carried out by the Roses Theatre, Tewksbury and in 2002 my work at Ruskin Mill was highly commended in an OFSTED inspection.


I also made my third appearance at the Festival at the Edge and toured to packed houses with Arabic dancer Hazel Kayes, following trips with the Siyali Makhad trust to explore the culture of the Sinai Bedouin.


For much of the early noughties, I was involved in staff training in the Ruskin Mill organization. There and elsewhere I used storytelling methods in team-building and communication work, including a collaboration with Chris Wood the fiddler.


I ran many courses for teachers and other professionals, including the use of story in coping with difficult experiences such as bereavement. During this time many additional storytelling activities continued. For example, I:


• tutored an annual project with teenagers at the Waldorf College Project based around the Parsifal Story as a rites of passage tale.


• developed an oral version of the Exodus narrative for use by parties visiting Mount Sinai with the Makhad Trust.


• exchanged visits with George MacPherson to discuss the heritage of Druidic Culture within the oral tradition


• received the annual commission from The Festival at the Edge (Much Wenlock) to devise Nightfall on the Sea of Grass – a new version of the story of Theseus and the Amazons. This has been much acclaimed on tour and remains available.